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I am Martina, Italian designer based in London. I spend most of my time designing interiors or writing about it.
After four years working for interior design companies in Milan, Beijing and London I set up A Designer At Heart, my online platform where I provide e-design interior services worldwide. I have a wide experience working in both commercial and residential sectors.

I believe that interior design affects people’s emotions and that our homes represent who we are. I design interiors to improve the everyday life and to give it an unexpected touch.

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What’s a designer at heart about?

If you haven’t heard about it yet, e-design is an online service that removes geographical barriers and makes interior design accessible to everyone. Get a free quote through the form below!

A Designer At Heart started as a blog. Since the beginning I decided to write from a designer perspective, to give an insight into my interior design process.

I usually feature interiors with a striking personality, expert tips, random ideas and the latest news from the interior design world! I love to explore the connection between the built environment and people’s behaviour and I have a soft spot for innovative technologies and good quality details.



I am also a contributor writer for the interior design blog ITALIAN BARK. On “I’d like to stay here” column I talk about news and trends on hospitality design and travel.


This is not a traditional interior design company

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I worked for interior design companies between Milan, Beijing and London. For four years, I have been a sponge absorbing the behind the scenes of big corporate projects. And I’ve learnt from the best. I only chose to work for small and medium-sized companies where a sleeves-rolled up attitude was required and I was able to take responsibilities and grow quickly.

Now I am a freelance who can provide the best service at a lower rate, because I don’t have much overhead.

My only goal is to design the best interiors that would make a difference in your life. This is what makes me happy.

Due to the nature of my solo business, I can only take on a limited amount of projects each month. Fill the form below to request a free quote and book your slot!

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How I got here…

I’ve had a passion for architecture & design for as long as I can remember. As a kid I would sneak into my dad and granddad’s office to stare at their drawings in admiration. My enthusiasm for interior design was always undeniable. I used to start all my games setting up the right interior: my Barbie dolls have never been homeless!

I graduated in Sicily in building engineering. After that, despite my grandfather being an engineer and my dad a building contractor, I left my home town to do my own experiences.
I went to Milan where I studied interior design at the Politecnico University. A curious attitude and the desire to push my boundaries (and also a really cool Mandarin speaking Italian boyfriend!) lead me then to Beijing and finally to London.

While working for four years with interior design companies worldwide in the luxury sector, I realised that a corporate environment doesn’t make me happy. So I left the 9-to-5 job and set up A DESIGNER AT HEART as a platform to develop my own voice.

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This website is “my baby” and it allows me to design for many different people worldwide while writing about my passions, sharing ideas and connecting with like-minded people. Now I couldn’t be happier!

I accept sponsored collaborations and I always disclosure this type of content. If you need to promote an event, exhibition, product, location or lifestyle idea that fit in A Designer At Heart aesthetic, I’d love to hear about it! Send an email to and we’ll discuss how I can give you some coverage!


**Please bare in mind that I will only feature products or events if I feel that my readers could truly benefit from them**


I work hard to credit all the photographers / stylists that gave me permission to use their pictures. Nevertheless if you come across an image that has not been accurately credited, please do let me know and I’ll amend asap.


Sometimes I use my own pictures. Feel free to use them on your blog if you wish, and then credit me appropriately and let me know.


As you may have guessed, English is not my first language so please bare with me if you find grammar mistakes at times. I’m still learning and this blog is a way to improve my language skills.

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