My name is Martina, I am an online interior designer. After spending four years working for architectural and interior design companies in Milan, Beijing and London I’ve decided to follow my dream: going freelance to work on my own and writing an interior design blog.

On A Designer At Heart you can look for free tips from the experts, discover interior design trends or just be inspired! You can also ask for my help on remote if that suits you 🙂

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I’ve had a passion for architecture & design for as long as I can remember. As a kid I would sneak into my dad and granddad’s office to stare at their drawings in admiration. My enthusiasm for interior design was always undeniable. I used to start all my games setting up the right interior: my Barbie dolls have never been homeless! 😉

I graduated in Sicily in building engineering. After that, despite my grandfather being an engineer and my dad a building contractor, I left my home town to do my own experiences.

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I went to Milan where I studied interior design at the Politecnico University. A curious attitude and the desire to push my boundaries (and also a really cool Mandarin speaking Italian boyfriend!) lead me then to Beijing and finally to London.

My design process

I particularly enjoy the relation between psychology and interior design. Our surroundings affect our lives, making a positive or negative difference. I find it really interesting that we can enhance our everyday life through good interior design!

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When I work I always loose the track of time. Luckily I don’t slump at my desk this much anymore. Discover how an ergonomics expert thought me how to stop!

I am a naturally precise person. When I design (or write about design) I always have a strong architectural angle. Every decision is part of a whole and that’s why before suggesting a colour paint or a piece of furniture I want to look at the bigger picture. Things like personality and background are key to me!

I like a minimalist, edgy and urban style with a hint of vintage rock n’ roll. I don’t know if this style actually exists yet but I can’t think of a better definition 🙂

Below there are a few examples to give you an idea! You will see this style throughout this website and on my social platforms. Also, you will see a lot of black!

Interior designer-07
© Jonas Ingerstedt
Interior designer-01
Image © Jonas Ingerstedt

Image © Kristofer Johnson. Stylist: Pella Hedeby

Interior designer-04
Image © Jonas Ingerstedt

Image © Gidon Levin. Design: Studio Matka

If you think we are a good match don’t hesitate to get in touch. There are many ways we can collaborate and I would love to help you improve your interior space, whether it is your home, small restaurant, boutique hotel or office! Don’t be shy (I am timid enough for the both of us!), send an email to info@adesigneratheart.com

Browse the blog… I carefully write it every week! I hope it will inspire you, help you or maybe just let you escape the routine for a few minutes.

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