The ultimate bespoke wallpaper is designed by a 5 year old!


Hello design lovers! Has anyone of you ever dreamt of colouring their bedroom walls as a kid? I’m sure you have. As a teenager, one day I decided to write on my walls with a black marker and it felt extraordinarily good! I had one wall entirely scribbled with quotes […]

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Home decor 2.0: flowers online!


Hello design lovers! I don’t know about you, but I find small businesses fascinating, especially the tech-oriented and family run. I recently discovered Vela, which is both those things: a auntie & niece London based company specialising in flowers online. Vela – flowers online Vela is the story of a […]

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Can ergonomics improve health? I asked the expert!


Hello design lovers! Have you ever been interested in posture at work? I wasn’t. I had to experience a series of side effects before starting to be. Every time people looked at me, slumping at my desk during the last 10 years, they always recommended that I paid attention to […]

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Ceramica Sant’Agostino at Cersaie 2017: Beauty is a daily duty!


Hello design lovers! A few weeks back I visited Cersaie, the International exhibition of ceramic tiles and bathroom. It was a really nice experience, even though I brought my camera and couldn’t use it because I forgot to bring the memory card… I know, it’s pretty lame, but I do […]

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Ikea Eftertanke: exclusive limited edition collection in the UK

Hello design lovers! Today we are going to talk about Ikea, who are giving us great satisfaction. With new collections and unexpected collaborations being revealed, I am all ears. There’s a particular collection that interests me because of the lovely story behind its production. It’s called Eftertanke and shows calming […]

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9 money-saving Ikea items that you’ll need to buy (if you haven’t already)

You don’t want to spend too much in accessories but still want a nicely dressed house? You could you use some of these 9 money-saving items, all tested by myself! Sometimes it’s worth spending money to get good quality items that will last. That’s wise. Despite that, today’s post is dedicated to those other times […]

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The innovative colourful timber floor: discover Xilo1934 Mix

Today I’m going to show you a coloured timber floor that I recently discovered and already dream about. I haven’t had occasions to use it yet but it surely looks pretty unique. This parquet flooring is called Mix by Xilo1934. Thanks to the subtle colour gradation, it brings colour into the room in a […]

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Fondue Light By Satsuki Ohata

As a design obsessed geek, I often feel that I don’t interact too much with my pieces of furniture. I’m not just talking about painting them or moving them around in my room. Imagine how cool it would be if they were able to meet your mood or your needs, […]

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The Decorative Antiques & Textile Fair

If there’s something I really like about London is that you can constantly find all sorts of Design Events. Design Weeks (Yes, plural. They have “many”) and fairs are always out there. At the end of April this year, there was The Decorative Antiques & Textile Fair. Me and my […]

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A boost of colours from Missoni Home at ISaloni 2016

I always liked Missoni stands at the Milan Design Fair; running into the pavilions, I usually try not to miss them. I really like their bold colour choises and the mix of materials which is never boring; they have a great balance between luxury and playfulness. Last month, for the fourth consecutive year, I managed […]

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