What colour paint is best for you? Use colour psychology!


What colour should I paint my kitchen walls? What colour for my living room wall or my window frames? Those are some of the most common questions I get asked by my clients. Some of them are looking for a very specific answer: they don’t ask me to develop a […]

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What personality type are you? Ask your home!


Hello design lovers, I believe our homes are a representation of who we are. Sometimes this may not seem true but your personality it’s there in your home, somewhere. Maybe it’s just hidden by a ton of clutter! Would you like to find it and give it shape through your […]

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How to Make Your Fireplace the Focal Point of the Room

make-fireplace-focal point-cover

Creating a focal point in any room is an important step in interior design work. Because of its eye-catching nature, a focal point often sets the mood that the room has to deliver. Every other interior design decision can be based off of that one piece of furniture, fixture, or […]

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Decorating with black: all you need to know!


Let’s face it: black ceilings are not for everyone. People love them or hate them, no middle ground. I am a black-lover at heart and tend to add black elements in my bedroom every time I have the occasion. Black interiors may not be for everyone but they are dramatic […]

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New challenge: home office interior design in Bologna


Hello design lovers! Do you remember when I told you about me designing a bathroom on Whatsapp? Well, guess what? After the bathroom project, when Lu needed help with her home office interior design, she contacted me again. And as usual I was really happy to design for her! If you […]

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Easy guide to light layers for beginners | part 2

Hello design lovers! A few weeks ago, I talked about the importance of layering light sources. Check the article here in case you missed it! We’ve seen the difference between the three layers: AMBIENT, TASK and ACCENT. Today I’ve decided to show you some examples, so be ready for a lot […]

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Home lighting: easy guide to light layers for beginners

Discover the art of combining light sources to create a beautiful and more functional home lighting design. Hello design lovers! Are you aware of the importance of layering lights at home? Well, first of all let’s have a look at what these layers are. There are three types of lights called “layers of light”. […]

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9 money-saving Ikea items that you’ll need to buy (if you haven’t already)

You don’t want to spend too much in accessories but still want a nicely dressed house? You could you use some of these 9 money-saving items, all tested by myself! Sometimes it’s worth spending money to get good quality items that will last. That’s wise. Despite that, today’s post is dedicated to those other times […]

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