Hotel design trends 2018 for a stunning guest journey


Hello design lovers! I’m super proud to announce that my first guest post on Italianbark is live! Yeyy! In “I’d like to stay here” column today I talk about the hotel design trends 2018 for design savvy travellers 🙂 Go on Italianbark to discover more! Hotel design trends 2018 to […]

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Home decor 2.0: flowers online!


Hello design lovers! I don’t know about you, but I find small businesses fascinating, especially the tech-oriented and family run. I recently discovered Vela, which is both those things: a auntie & niece London based company specialising in flowers online. Vela – flowers online Vela is the story of a […]

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Decorating with black: all you need to know!


Let’s face it: black ceilings are not for everyone. People love them or hate them, no middle ground. I am a black-lover at heart and tend to add black elements in my bedroom every time I have the occasion. Black interiors may not be for everyone but they are dramatic […]

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Ikea Eftertanke: exclusive limited edition collection in the UK

Hello design lovers! Today we are going to talk about Ikea, who are giving us great satisfaction. With new collections and unexpected collaborations being revealed, I am all ears. There’s a particular collection that interests me because of the lovely story behind its production. It’s called Eftertanke and shows calming […]

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Easy guide to light layers for beginners | part 2

Hello design lovers! A few weeks ago, I talked about the importance of layering light sources. Check the article here in case you missed it! We’ve seen the difference between the three layers: AMBIENT, TASK and ACCENT. Today I’ve decided to show you some examples, so be ready for a lot […]

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Fondue Light By Satsuki Ohata

As a design obsessed geek, I often feel that I don’t interact too much with my pieces of furniture. I’m not just talking about painting them or moving them around in my room. Imagine how cool it would be if they were able to meet your mood or your needs, […]

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