So, what does e-design mean?

E-design means that I can deliver my interior design services online. Let’s say you need help with your residential interior design: I can help with that on remote.

You’ll just need to send me photos and measurements of your space and that’s pretty much all I need. We will constantly be in contact through Skype and emails. At the end you will receive a book of drawings with tips and instructions to implement the design!

What’s the benefit for you?

You will get professional help at a very low price, compared with a traditional interior design service. Because I work on remote and do all by myself, my prices are really competitive.

This is not a full design service: you will have the responsibility to provide me with information like photos and measurements but I will help you with that. At the end of the process you will receive a book with all the info you need to implement the design! I promise, it’s gonna be fun!

I’ve created two services: a concept for people who are interested in a quick restyling; and visuals for whoever needs further help. Click below to discover more, I described them carefully 🙂

Want to have a chat before buying? Book a FREE CONSULTATION!


If you need help with a commercial interior space have a look at my COMMERCIAL INTERIOR SERVICES. Due to the variety of possibilities, prices will be agreed on a project by project basis. Email me at if you are interested.


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