New challenge: home office interior design in Bologna


Hello design lovers! Do you remember when I told you about me designing a bathroom on Whatsapp? Well, guess what? After the bathroom project, when Lu needed help with her home office interior design, she contacted me again. And as usual I was really happy to design for her! If you […]

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The next level e-service (how I designed a bathroom on whatsapp!)

How I designed a bathroom on whatsapp

Hello design lovers! Today I’m going to tell you about me and Lucrezia (Lu) designing a bathroom on Whatsapp! Yes, you heard me right 🙂 But first, who’s Lu? Lu is an Italian girl living in Bologna where she is refurbishing her flat. She is a very energetic person with a […]

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Hello, I’m back

Hello there! I am back at writing again after a long break and I’ve got plenty of news. Thanks to an unexpected nice weather, I feel like I’m emerging from hibernation. My last 6 months have been very intense and I was so focused on my job that time just flew […]

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