Home decor 2.0: flowers online!


Hello design lovers! I don’t know about you, but I find small businesses fascinating, especially the tech-oriented and family run. I recently discovered Vela, which is both those things: a auntie & niece London based company specialising in flowers online. Vela – flowers online Vela is the story of a […]

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Can ergonomics improve health? I asked the expert!


Hello design lovers! Have you ever been interested in posture at work? I wasn’t. I had to experience a series of side effects before starting to be. Every time people looked at me, slumping at my desk during the last 10 years, they always recommended that I paid attention to […]

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Hello, I’m back

Hello there! I am back at writing again after a long break and I’ve got plenty of news. Thanks to an unexpected nice weather, I feel like I’m emerging from hibernation. My last 6 months have been very intense and I was so focused on my job that time just flew […]

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