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What is A Designer At Heart?

A Designer At Heart is two complementary things: a bi-lingual interior design blog & an e-design studio.

What’s the blog all about?

There are five main topics:

  1. The connection between the built environment and people’s behaviour (in the category: WELL-BEING AT HEART).
  2. Innovative technologies and materials (category: DESIGN FINDS AT HEART).
  3. Good design & alternative lifestyles (category: INTERIORS AT HEART).
  4. Showcasing my design work & raising awareness about e-design (category: E-DESIGN AT HEART).
  5. Professional tips & interior rules explained (category: INTERIOR DESIGN COURSE AT HEART).


Since December 2017, I also write my own monthly column “I’d like to stay here” on Italianbark, where I feature trends and news on the hospitality sector for design savvy travellers (category: GUEST POSTS AT HEART).

Last but not least, I occasionally share some random thoughts and bits of my life as a designer and blogger (category: MY LIFE AS A DESIGNER AT HEART).

*I write one new post every Monday*

And what about the e-design?

A Designer At Heart is also an online interior design studio run by me, Martina. I am a freelance Italian interior architect based in London.

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Discover more about me or get in touch if you need interior design advice!

Do you accept sponsored content?

Yes, I do and I always disclosure this type of content. If you need to promote an event, exhibition, product, location or lifestyle idea that fit in A Designer At Heart aesthetic and topics, I’d love to hear about it! Send an email to and we’ll discuss how I can give you some coverage!

Please bare in mind that I will only feature products or events if I feel that my readers could truly benefit from them.

Do you own the copyright of the pictures you feature?

Not always. I work hard to credit all the photographers / stylists that gave me permission to use their pictures. Nevertheless if you come across an image that has not been accurately credited, please do let me know and I’ll amend asap.

Sometimes I use my own pictures. Feel free to use them on your blog if you wish, and then credit me appropriately and let me know 🙂


As you may have guessed, English is not my first language so please bare with me if you find grammar mistakes at times. I’m still learning and this blog is a way to improve my language skills!


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