If you:

Think that every place has a “vibe” that can affect your mood
Can’t be creative in a boring office
Knew Tony Montana was going to destroy his own success the moment you saw the opulence of his tacky bathroom
Sort out your room every time you feel ready for a change in life

Then this is the right place for you! It means you get interiors.

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Hello, my name is Martina.

I am an Italian interior design consultant and founder of A Designer At Heart, which is an innovative design company and interior blog based in London but which remotely delivers commercial & residential interior design projects worldwide.

My life mission is to design interiors you will be proud of, where functionality and beauty go hand in hand. Above all, we don’t just design interiors, we design lifestyles. Like you, I believe in the life-enhancing power of design-led spaces.

People say about me


Recently asked Martina to design our home office that is currently a bit dark and awkward. I was so impressed with the suggestions and sketches for a new space and can’t wait to implement all of the design ideas that will help create more light and space.

Faye Brown, Whitchurch
Clare McDonald-Director at Design Command ltd.

I feel confident in recommending Martina’s Design services. Her knowledge and attention to detail where a great contribution to the hospitality projects she was involved in. She is not only thorough, but also easy to work with and an excellent team player.

Clare McDonald, Director at Design Command London

Martina’s flair and versatility went beyond my expectations! She designed a home office for me and my boyfriend merging our (opposite) styles with elegance and harmony.

Lucrezia Liserre, Bologna
Fabrizio Gurrado-Director at IS Beijing

Thanks to her wide academic education and her personal attitude (lover of life, naturally curious, easily able to improve her skills), Martina has become an essential member of our team. I am sure that every company that will have her will be a lucky one.

Fabrizio Gurrado, Creative director at IS Beijing

I would recommend Martina on the basis of her work ethic, time keeping and above all her congenial personality. She has at all times been a team player and I'm sure given her drive she will be a success where ever she goes.

Scott Lawrie, Director at Curious Worldwide London

From our first meeting I could clearly see that Martina was not only a clever and talented designer but also very keen on improving herself in all aspects of design and her personal development. I believe she will have a great future in both architecture and interior design.

Stephanie Briggs, Director at Steph Briggs Design Melbourne
From me, you’ll get:

>> Italian eye for detail, bespoke solutions and good quality materials

>> Experience in the high-end sector, which means that I know how to make an interior look more expensive without necessarily spending a fortune

>> A technical background, having graduated as building engineer before moving to Milan where I pursued my dream of becoming an interior designer. Consequently I have no problem in dealing with architects, electricians or engineers, we speak the same language

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Contact me and let me know about the interior you’re struggling with. As a result you’ll get a free 20 minutes Skype consultation and a quote with no obligation to purchase.

Services I Offer

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E-Design is the 21st Century alternative to traditional interior design. Because it breaks geographical boundaries, it’s tailored for people who don’t live in London or don’t need a full traditional interior design service. Email me at info@adesigneratheart.com to chat about it.

On-site Interior Design

I also provide traditional on-site design services for my clients who live in London. Because of my various background, I design both residential & commercial interiors. Furthermore I can help with planning permission and residential extensions. Email me at info@adesigneratheart.com to chat about it.

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Interior Design for Developers

I have a huge experience working with developers on student accommodations, hotels and luxury residential projects across Europe and in China. As a result, I help developers make more money in the long term and stand out from the crowd. Email me at info@adesigneratheart.com to enquire and book a meeting.


Certainly working with us means you’ll receive the most creative, non-standardised design solution you could ever get.

At A Designer At Heart we have an innovative way to unlock our creativity by living unconventional lifestyles.

Working from home or in co-working spaces, we have flexible working hours (at least, most of the time), the freedom to travel, to visit trade fairs, to get constantly inspired and be ahead of design trends. Also, we are online, we share our opinions and design process. Therefore you know exactly what you get.

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