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A Designer At Heart is a London-based Interior Design Consultancy providing interior design services for the commercial and hospitality sector, worldwide. This fast-growing design studio was founded in 2018 by Martina Pardo, Italian Interior Architect with a miscellaneous background: from building engineering to residential and commercial interiors.

Martina has worked as a freelance designer between Milan, Beijing and London for four years, injecting an international appeal to her work. Today she is Founder & Director of A Designer At Heart Ltd, where she created a community of talented designers to support her clients’ interior design journeys.

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Clare McDonald-Director at Design Command ltd.

I feel confident in recommending Martina’s Design services. Her knowledge and attention to detail where a great contribution to the hospitality projects she was involved in. She is not only thorough, but also easy to work with and an excellent team player.

Clare McDonald, Director at Design Command London
Fabrizio Gurrado-Director at IS Beijing

Thanks to her wide academic education and her personal attitude (lover of life, naturally curious, easily able to improve her skills), Martina has become an essential member of our team. I am sure that every company that will have her will be a lucky one.

Fabrizio Gurrado, Creative director at IS Beijing

I would recommend Martina on the basis of her work ethic, time keeping and above all her congenial personality. She has at all times been a team player and I'm sure given her drive she will be a success where ever she goes.

Scott Lawrie, Director at Curious Worldwide London

From our first meeting I could clearly see that Martina was not only a clever and talented designer but also very keen on improving herself in all aspects of design and her personal development. I believe she will have a great future in both architecture and interior design.

Stephanie Briggs, Director at Steph Briggs Design Melbourne
Our Vision:

We believe in a world where everyone is free to live the lifestyle they want. If that’s renting out the family home on Airbnb while travelling around the globe or setting up a solopreneur business while working in bed we believe people deserve a chance to do so. If you are a hospitality developer with big dreams of creating spaces where people are free to fullfill their potential, we can help you.

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Student Living

We design student accommodations across Europe. Currently we are designing over four sites for The Nido Collection.

Shared Living

Whether with AirBnb or a Co-Living solution, we know what sharing a home means. We are all Millennials living in one of the biggest and most expensive cities in Europe, therefore we understand the new generations’ need for sharing and creating a community of like-minded people. Let us design yours!

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Small Living

We LOVE tiny spaces and believe that the most creative solutions can be achieved within those. Try us!


Certainly working with us means you’ll receive the most creative, non-standardised design solution you could ever get.

At A Designer At Heart we have an innovative way to unlock our creativity by living unconventional lifestyles.

Working from home or in co-working spaces, we have flexible working hours (at least, most of the time), the freedom to travel, to visit trade fairs, to get constantly inspired and be ahead of design trends. Also, we are online, we share our opinions and design process. Therefore you know exactly what you get.

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