A Designer at Heart is a London Interior Design Consultancy. We design serviced accommodations for Millennials and GenZ. Our mission is to help developers through interior designs with a strong visual identity and a relaxed atmosphere. We create a practical environment for people to feel inspired and fulfill their potential.

We design for Our Generation, Our clients bring the Communities, We give them the Place to Be!

Led by Martina Pardo, A Designer at Heart brings together designers with a broad set of skills and a global vision of the design market. The team has several years of experience in the serviced sector.

We collaborate with market-leading brands like Nido Student. So far, we designed the interior for over 19 projects spread in different countries. Above all, A Designer at Heart provides designs that align your visual identity with your branding.

We are part of the Target Audience and fully understand what your customers want.
A Designer at Heart Teams
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Founder & Director

Martina is an Italian interior designer and founder of A Designer At Heart. She created the company and the blog to embrace the interior design as a lifestyle. Most of all, her vision was to create interiors that people could be proud of.
Functionality and beauty must go hand in hand. She lives and breathes the world of commercial interior. Her curious eye on the market ensures her clients to always be one step ahead.


Interior Designer

Agnieszka (often called Aga by friends and family) is a Polish interior designer and illustrator. She graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with Honours in Interior Design. After gaining some experience in Scotland in the residential sector, she moved down to London. Here, she joined forces with Martina to conquer the commercial sector.

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Partner & Marketing Manager

Riccardo is an Italian Sales & Marketing specialist. He studied Chinese Mandarin. Later, he specialised in International Management graduating with Distinction at SOAS University of London. In the meantime, he acquired a consistent professional experience in China and the UK. Now, Riccardo works as a digital marketer, strategist, and sales manager.

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Senior interior designer

Valeria is an Italian Interior Designer and 3D Visualiser with experience in high-end Residential and Interior Design. Graduated in Rome, she built a significant experience both in Italy and the UK. She firmly believes in the importance of details and in the use of light in interiors. Her objective is to design comfortable and well thought-out spaces for people to live in.

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interior design consultant

Jenn is an Interior Designer with experience in Residential and Corporate Interior Design. She has a Masters in Interior Design and has worked in Milan, Singapore, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur. The core of her work is to identify and address real human needs. Design, for her is the tool to that change lives for the better.


Martina’s story

“I am just a girl obsessed with Interior Architecture.
When I was a baby I used to start all my games setting up the right interior. My Barbie dolls have never been homeless! As a kid I would sneak into my dad and grandad’s office just to stare in admiration at their drawings.

inspired by my grandad…

…I got a Master’s Degree in Building Engineering. I soon realised though that I wanted to do something more creative in my life. Therefore, I moved to Milan, Italian design capital and got a second Master’s Degree in Interior Design at the Politecnico University.
After that, I only chose to work for small and medium companies. A sleeves rolled up attitude was required in order to take more responsibilities and grow. And I’ve learned from the best.

i gained experience…

…working in Milan, Beijing and London. As I discovered different cultures and lifestyles I applied this international approach to my work as a result. Now, thanks to these experiences, I design projects worldwide”.

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