Hello, my name is Martina. I am an Italian interior architect and founder of A Designer At Heart, which is an innovative design company and interior blog based in London but which remotely delivers commercial & residential interior design projects worldwide.

My life mission is to design interiors you will be proud of, where functionality and beauty go hand in hand. In my vision, we don’t just design interiors, we design lifestyles. Like you, I believe in the life-enhancing power of design-led interiors.

Are you undertaking an interior renovation? I’m here to help!

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Style wise

I like contemporary Italian style with an Urban hint. I love to create bespoke joinery details and to mix luxurious brands with high-street ones. And I’m a black lover. There’s always an overall balance in the interiors I design, with the added touch of my clients’ unique personality.

Design process

Big renovations are my strong suit. I have a strong architectural angle, thanks to my technical background. Therefore I like to think on a big scale to suggest structural changes that may massively improve the space. Then I go into as much detail as to place accessories.

As a result I can treat every room as an individual project but all rooms together will be pieces of a unique big puzzle: your exceptional interior design.

Who Am I?

I am just a girl obsessed with Interior Architecture.
When I was a baby I used to start all my games setting up the right interior: my Barbie dolls have never been homeless! As a kid I would sneak into my dad and granddad’s office to stare at their architectural drawings in admiration.

I wanted to master this subject so much that I studied six years in order to get a Master Degree in Building Engineering (I really wanted to know EVERYTHING about it). And then I got a second Master Degree in Interior Design at the Politecnico University in Milan, Italian design capital.
After that, I only chose to work for small and medium-sized companies where a sleeves-rolled up attitude was required and I was able to take responsibilities and grow quickly. And I’ve learnt from the bests.

I gained experience working in Milan, Beijing and London. I wanted to inject an international appeal to my work, discover different cultures and ways of living. And now I proudly design projects worldwide thanks to these experiences.

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A Designer At Heart is now a Limited Company but it started as a blog that I used to write from home. Since the beginning I decided to write from a designer perspective, to give an insight into my interior design process.

I still feature interiors with a striking personality, expert tips and the latest news from the interior design world! I love to explore the connection between the built environment and people’s behaviour and I have a soft spot for innovative technologies and good quality details.

I am also a contributor writer for the interior design blog ITALIAN BARK. On “I’d like to stay here” column I talk about news and trends on hospitality design and travel.



I accept sponsored collaborations and I always disclosure this type of content. If you need to promote an event, exhibition, product, location or lifestyle idea that fit in A Designer At Heart aesthetic, I’d love to hear about it! Send an email to and we’ll discuss how I can give you some coverage!


**Please bare in mind that I will only feature products or events if I feel that my readers could truly benefit from them**


I work hard to credit all the photographers / stylists that gave me permission to use their pictures. Nevertheless if you come across an image that has not been accurately credited, please do let me know and I’ll amend asap.


Sometimes I use my own pictures. Feel free to use them on your blog if you wish, and then credit me appropriately and let me know.


As you may have guessed, English is not my first language so please bare with me if you find grammar mistakes at times. I’m still learning and this blog is a way to improve my language skills.

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