Hema moodLast time I went back home for Christmas, I spent some time in Stansted airport where I discovered a cool shop that I’m happy to show you. I’m talking about Hema, a retail organization with many stores in Europe and an online shop. It only has own brand products which look lovely: pastel colours and minimal style, a perfect mix. The fresh atmosphere stopped me on my way into the airport and I suddenly felt the necessity to buy at least a notebook and a pen (don’t ask me why, but I always feel that I need to use five different notebooks at the same time; plus other ten to be kept new at home, just in case… I’m insane!). By the way, I am really using it.

They sell about everything: stationery, home fittings, decorations, apparels, food (lots of super sweet stuff and biscuits), gardening and much more. They have a strong brand identity and, last but not least, they pride themselves on being social responsible and sustainable; which is never bad.

If you want to have a look at their website just click here!

Or, for a quick look, I put together for you a selection of objects that I like more. What do you think?

  1.  vase 10 cm, grey – £4
  2.  vase 10.5 cm, green – £3
  3.  3-pack notebooks A5 – £3
  4.  6-pack mini cups – £1
  5.  cappuccino mugs, red – £2
  6.  cushion cover 50×50 cm, black – £5
  7.  beach towel 180×100 cm – £13
  8.  egg candle in box, white – £3
  9.  3-pack cube, coral – £17


I am Martina, an Italian designer based in London. I spend most of my time designing interiors or writing about it. I also love travelling. You may find me walking around the East End of London, drinking coffee and stopping at every single bookshop I bump into.

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