What's e-design?

E-design is an online interior design service. And if you compare it with a traditional interior service, this is a reduced offer. In fact, it doesn’t include site surveys, implementation or anything that happens on site.

You will receive a professional project via email. Then, it will be up to you to implement it with or without the help of a local contractor or decorator.

What's the benefit of e-design?

There are many. Firstly, you get the chance to work with a professional interior designer for a much lower price. A regular interior design company would charge much more.

Secondly, because e-design breaks geographical boundaries, you have a lot more choices. Your interior designer could be anywhere in the world. So, you just have to decide who is the best match for you!

There’s also an additional hidden benefit: usually e-designers are freelancers who work from home and run a blog (at least, me and my blogger friends are). Our timeline is very flexible and we get to visit trade fairs and design events all the time. This means that we are constantly informed about the latest trends and materials. Through our blogs we are in contact with numerous suppliers and other professionals. Therefore, we can provide a much better service making more conscious interior design choices.

How does it work?
  • Email me at info@adesigneratheart.com or fill the form below and tell me your needs. I’ll give you a free quote. Also, you will be given some slot options to choose your favourite time. **Payment is required by money transfer after booking your slot**
  • After the purchase, you’ll receive a questionnaire to fill in. Once it’s done, you can return it by email along with measurements and photos of your space.
  • Then, I’ll review your answers and schedule a Skype call to discuss your needs. I’ll also send a follow up email to recap the brief. After that, it’s time to design!
  • I start designing (timeline is to be agreed on a project by project basis). We’ll be in touch by email during the whole process and I will encourage you to be proactive!
  • You receive the EDesign pack (content depends on our initial agreement). This will be in the form of a Pdf book of drawings.
  • Follow the design tips and enjoy your new interior!
How do I take measurements?

You can use a tape measure like the one at this link. If the room is big this may be a two people job.

Annotate the dimensions (in millimeters or centimeters) on a sketched plan as similar as possible to the one below and send me a picture. Remember to annotate windows, radiators, sockets and all the things that may affect the furniture layout.

A-Designer-At-Heart-how-to-take-measurementsAnd you are done! Text me if you need help.

How many pictures do I have to send?

It depends on the room’s dimensions but I’d say at least four, some general views and a few details of key areas as well. The more the better.

Important: they need to be in daylight as I need to see the colours realistically.

Which furniture brands do you specify?

Being an Italian designer who lives in London, I am obviously more likely to use European brands (because they are the ones that I constantly meet at the trade fairs and actually get to test their products). I can work around different budgets and I am in contact with many different suppliers from very high-end to more affordable ones.

Despite that, if your project is out of Europe I can do some research and specify products from local suppliers who can deliver to your house at no extra costs.

If you have any favourite brands, I can have a look at them as well!

How long does the process take?

It may take up to 3 weeks to fully design a room. A more detailed timeline will be specified on a project by project basis, depending on your deadline.

Please consider that the timeline is affected by how quickly you reply to my emails and provide the info.

What happens if I don't like the design?

The e-design process is structured to avoid this issue. During the design process, we will constantly be in contact.  You will be involved through several steps that I explain in my how e-design works page. In addition, when you receive the drawings pack, you get two revisions!

Really no need to worry about this. I want you to fall in love with your new home!

What do you mean by revisions?

Revisions are amendments that I make to the final pack of drawings, in case you are not happy with some of the choices.

**Please consider that if you change the brief (partially or entirely) that’s not considered a review but a brand new project**

What's your interior style?

I’m perfectly aware that you are the one who is going to live in the space I design, not me. So I take into consideration your needs and tastes, above my own.

Anyhow I also want to enjoy the design process and I can tell straight away that if you are after traditional, country style I am probably not the right designer for you.

My design style is contemporary and clean. It has Italian influences, is very warm (moody and daring at times) and I love bespoke items and good quality details. I also appreciate a well balanced mix of old and new. If you share my vision it’s more likely that the design process will run smoothly.

Why do you do this? (= being an interior designer)

I didn’t really choose this profession, it’s just the only thing that I always wanted to do in life and was good at doing. And the more I do it, the more I realise that everyone needs an interior designer. It really improves your quality of life.

My goal is to help as many people as possible to live in a stylish space where they can truly feel happy!

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