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Need some home design ideas for small apartments? My last interior E-Design project may be the inspiration you are looking for!

Some of you know that I originally set up this website with the goal of designing remotely (from London) for people all over the world. During the last months, I did a lot of remote work, mainly commercial projects for developers all over Europe. Despite loving commercial interior design, I also have a soft spot for residential.

In fact, I had some really nice experiences with private citizens as well! The last one was the design of a small flat in Baku.

New E-Design project in Baku, Azerbaijan

I am still amazed by the power of the Internet. I can't believe that a person from Azerbaijan - just browsing on Google - found my blog and understood I was the right person to help him. But this is exactly what happened and it was a lovely experience.

This guy needed help to redesign his newly bought one-bedroom flat. He is going to move there with his family, a wife, and two kids, and wanted my help to turn it into a two-bedroom flat.

Below you can see the layout of the existing situation:

Interior Design Consultant A Designer At Heart Home design ideas for small apartments 01

Home design ideas for small apartments | E-Design

When approaching a small place the very first thing to do is to get extremely clear and realistic about what needs to be achieved. The client responded very well, explaining what their day-to-day routine is and what they really like doing in the house. He asked for as much storage space as possible, which I achieved thanks to a fitted wardrobe in each room. And he told me they were after a clean clutter-free look, which is the best choice for small spaces.

If you need some inspiration on how to organise a small apartment so that you can easily keep it tidy with style, read this article on The Strategist about The Best Small-Apartment Ideas, According to a Professional Organiser

Below you can see my layout proposal (which is a mix of three options that I originally suggested):

Interior Design Consultant A Designer At Heart Home design ideas for small apartments 02

As you can see, we decided to re-shape the bathroom to make space for a bigger shower. I also reduced the entrance to make space for a fitted wardrobe and added an extra one in the living area.

The living area features an L-shape sofa, big dining table to invite friends over for dinner and open plan kitchen with semi-island. When the client asked me what the best kitchen configuration was, I immediately recommended an island because it visually creates a separation with the rest of the room.

Finally, we located the master bedroom on the top left side with access to the big balcony. On the other side, the kids will share a room with bunk beds, two wardrobes, and one large desk.

Additional info

The information above (which I issued in CAD and PDF) was enough for the contractor to carry on the job. But I also sent guidelines on interior finishes, which the client will implement with the help of his decorators and carpenters.

I suggested a unique floor finish (solid oak in a natural finish) for the entire flat, to give continuity and a luxurious feel. Although I recommended a different material (grey porcelain tiles, in a marble or stone effect) for the kitchen and bathroom.

As you can see in the drawings below, I also specified colours for feature walls, considering the client's request to get a modern and bright feeling throughout the apartment. I chose colours that would also make it feel warm.

Interior Design Consultant A Designer At Heart Home design ideas for small apartments 03

Last but not least, the client requested a bespoke design for the wall in front of the sofa. This wall will feature a big TV and an electric fireplace. Below you can see what I came up with:

Interior Design Consultant A Designer At Heart Home design ideas for small apartments 04

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Martina Pardo

Written by: Martina Pardo

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