Crafting the Future of Interiors: A Reflection on 2023

| Martina Pardo | News & Lifestyle
We are finally back from a bit of a break, which was much needed after the rollercoaster that was 2023. Small consultancies like ours don’t always get the chance to shout about everything we’re up ...

7 Biophilic Christmas gift ideas in 2022

| Marta Kluk | News & Lifestyle
Once again we approach the end of the year and the unavoidable Christmas gifts dilemma. It’s 2022 and we are well aware of the environmental impact of the production of the goods. In the last coupl...

Why interior designers are switching to Revit | Our experience

| Marta Kluk | News & Lifestyle
People often ask me why I decided to be an architect. If I am honest with myself, I have to admit it is because of the Sims - yes, the game! As a child, I played it a lot. I kept building those hou...

Women in Interior Design and Architecture: Brilliance and Creativity

| Martina Pardo | News & Lifestyle
Hello, International Women’s day just passed. While we, as a studio, do not focus on a single day to reflect on the importance of gender equality in our society, I wanted to take this opportunity a...

Best Wishes from us at A Designer at Heart

| Riccardo Del Bello | News & Lifestyle
Hello everyone, here we are again at the end of another year, and I want to take the occasion to wish all happy holidays and a great start to the new year. After the strange and unprecedented 2020...

13 Christmas Gifts Ideas for Digital Nomads

| Riccardo Del Bello | News & Lifestyle
Hello everyone! Christmas Holidays are approaching and as usual, one of the most pressing matters in this period is finding the right gift for the loved ones. Our habits have also changed quite a ...

Everything you need to know about E-design

| Riccardo Del Bello | News & Lifestyle
Hello, today I would like to make an introduction to a service we will add again soon to our website which is directed at private residential clients. I am talking about E-Design. This is somethin...

Summer 2021: Amara Interior Blog Awards 2021 and Company News

| Riccardo Del Bello | News & Lifestyle
Hello Everyone, we’re into August and I hope you are all enjoying some relax and possibly some time away from the office. As for me, I’m back in Italy at my family’s, and while I still have work to...

TEDx Modena: Co-Housing and New Lifestyles

| Riccardo Del Bello | News & Lifestyle
Last week in Modena, Italy, was held a TEDx entitled Vision of Super. While the title choice might have been influenced by the surroundings (in those days the city hosted also the Motor Valley Fest...

Colour trends and sustainability for flooring solutions: An Interface Webinar

| Riccardo Del Bello | News & Lifestyle
I recently followed a webinar hosted by the UK team at Interface, a US-based manufacturer of sustainable floorings for commercial interiors. The company’s main mission, set out early on by its...


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