A Designer at Heart at the Class Conference

| Martina Pardo | News & Lifestyle
This week I have some exciting news and a cool opportunity for the first 10 people that will contact me. We are an official Silver Sponsor of The Class of 2020 for the upcoming The Class Conference...

How to Become an Interior Designer with Sintija

| Martina Pardo | News & Lifestyle
Hello Design Lovers, this week I have an interesting update straight from YouTube! A few weeks back the lovely Sintija asked me to participate in her series called ‘How to Become an Interior Design...

Escape your 9-5 and do something amazing: My Chapter

| Martina Pardo | News & Lifestyle
Hello Design Lovers! This week I come with some amazing news. I have been featured in an upcoming book titled “Escape your 9-5 and do Something Amazing”. The book includes a lot of inter...

How to 'Design' your Company’s remote working lifestyle

| Martina Pardo | News & Lifestyle
Hello Design Lovers. Today I want to widen the topic I introduced in my last article. Dealing with Project Management in Interior Design during the lockdown period, or in general, when working remo...

The 7 best apps for an Interior Designer to work remotely

| Martina Pardo | News & Lifestyle
Hello Design Lovers! Lately, I have been receiving quite a lot of questions regarding how to properly handle project management, company and relationship development, and so on. Now, every company ...

3 Lessons I learned as a small business owner

| Martina Pardo | News & Lifestyle
I can’t believe that in less than 2 months A Designer at Heart will celebrate its second anniversary. Already two years since I decided to become a small business owner. I try not to get emotional...

A Designer At Heart's rebranding unveiled!

| Martina Pardo | News & Lifestyle
It's been a long time since I last wrote on this blog but today I'm back with some exciting news. We finally unveiled the rebranding for A Designer At Heart! What happened? You probably know (esp...


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