7 Biophilic Christmas gift ideas in 2022

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Once again we approach the end of the year and the unavoidable Christmas gifts dilemma. It’s 2022 and we are well aware of the environmental impact of the production of the goods. In the last couple of years, I have noticed a positive shift from article gifts to experience gifts. We have been gifting a massage, an opera ticket, or a course. But can we do it even better? Can we buy our dearest not only something with a small environmental impact but actually a positive one that will improve their well-being at the same time? We believe the solution is biophilic gifts.

2022 biophilic christmas gifts

Let’s take a step back and ask the question what is biophilia? The most common definition is “love of life” and the word comes from bio-+ -philia. It means the affinity of human beings for other life forms or in other words a connection with nature. The benefits of biophilia are undeniable: improved well-being, productivity, reduced stress levels and feeling happier and healthier while at the same time helping our mother earth. We talked about all these topics in our article: An Introduction to Biophilic Design.

So the main idea behind a biophilic gift is to improve human connection with nature. We know the theory, but how can we do it in a practical way? It's not about giving a sustainable gift, but a gift that will deepen sustainable curiosity. Here are 7 ideas for your perfect biophilic gift.

Gift voucher for patch plants

The simplest thing you can do is to gift the plants! Patch plants is a very friendly plant shopping platform, where you can not only buy the plants and all the accessories you need but also educate yourself about them. There is plenty of videos where you can get all the answers you need from “How much should I water my plant” to “Do I need to clean my plant's leaves”? You can purchase an e-gift card for £30-100.

Glass Propagation Station

If you want your friend to go a bit deeper into planting, a glass propagation station may be a great idea. It's a very sustainable gift where you can start creating your own new plants. Transparent bulb glass makes it easy for observing its growth condition and the wooden stand will enhance any interior. You can also gift the station with a piece of your own plant so it’s more personal and your friend has something to start with.

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

I think there is something very beautiful about producing your own food. You can start as easily as producing your herbs. You can use them for everyday cooking plus it's a really nice decoration for your kitchen. This beautiful set comes with everything you need to start the process: a mini propagator, bio-degradable pots, dibblet, mini compost disks & labels.

PictureThis - Plant Identifier App

If the other person owns the plants but struggles with keeping some of them alive, a subscription to a plant identifier app may be a good gift idea. You can simply scan your sick plant to get all the tips on how to bring it back to health. It's an easy way to educate yourself about the plants around you and develop a relationship with them.

The Smart Garden 3

Have you got friends that will always make the plants die after a few weeks? The Smart Garden is a last-resource solution for all plant killers. It's an innovative indoor garden that takes care of itself. You can grow herbs, fruits, or even veggies in it. It works like a capsule coffee machine. The Click & Grow offers biodegradable plant pods that have seeds and nutrients already inside making it very easy for the busiest users.

Growing Food in Small Spaces Course by permaculture association

For those with a garden, a permaculture course may be a good idea. Permaculture is a growing field in the last year. It's an approach to land management design for natural ecosystems with the principles taking into consideration whole-system thinking. It's a very broad discipline, but you can start small with your own garden. UK Permaculture Association offers a course that will help you to have an efficient and low-maintenance food garden so you can grow your own veggies without massive effort.

“The Healing Power of Plants” book

What is better than bringing your dear ones closer to nature than making them more nature aware? This beautiful book is all about plant education with a particular focus on their healing properties. It is written by award-winning horticulturist Fran Bailey. The main idea behind the book is to learn how to take care after the plants so the plant can take care after you. This guide will help you to choose the plants that purify your air, help you get a good night’s sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and even help you get well soon when you are sick.

We hope we brought you closer with your search for a perfect gift. Enjoy your green shopping and don’t forget to connect with nature yourself! 🌱

Marta Kluk

Written by: Marta Kluk

Marta is an interior designer and BIM-coordinator at A Designer at Heart. Before becoming a full-time digital nomad, she worked in London for 6 years mainly designing office interiors. She travels around Europe living and working from different coliving spaces. She is passionate about the future of living and working, always striving for innovation and flexibility.


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