Many studies show how Millennials have a different approach to their study environment. This is even truer for Generation Zs. A new kind of interior design services is required to cater to this demographic. Very often, they just enters schools and universities in these years.

For this reason, the PBSA sector is in constant growth and evolution. The development of the New Student Accommodation calls for people that fully understand the needs and trends of this generation.

A Designer at Heart’s Team is formed by members of these two generations. Our daily life is shaped by new trends and innovations. For this reason, the Student Living is one of our focus as we know we connect with this


As for the students’ living , new generations’ daily habits are changing too. Work has a huge impact on their lifestyle. Especially in big cities, where much time is spent working, it might not be easy to find new friends to hang out with. The same is true for people that travel often and move to new cities for professional reasons. Solitude can become a real problem at times.

Co-living spaces are thought to solve this problem by offering a different lifestyle. The prevalence of carefully designed and welcoming communal areas encourages everyone to spend more time in the community.

This new kind of space is designed for professionals and digital nomads that we work with every day. We relate to this demographic, and work to find smart solutions for flexible spaces that bring the people together.


Co-workings are already an established concept, differently from the new student accommodations and co-living spaces. Their functions are much broader as a result. So, the projects are more diversified and there is a stronger competition.

It is more important then, to be always ahead of the new trends. A strong creative component is crucial. A welldeveloped space can welcome professionals from many different fields and become also a priceless networking platform.

The members of our team have an extensive first-hand experience of co-workings. A Designer at Heart itself was set up in one in the first place. So, our interior design services value the importance of offering spaces developed for different needs and suited for professionals

our development process

Space planning and furniture

Initial concept and mood

Develop 3d concept

Furniture and finishes

Bespoke furniture design

Tender drawings

Marketing renders

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