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I don’t know about you, but I find small businesses fascinating, especially the tech-oriented and family run. I recently discovered Vela, which is both those things: a auntie & niece London based company specialising in flowers online.

Vela – flowers online

Vela is the story of a collaboration between the 30 years’ experience florist Lynn Jordan-Dicks and her niece Charlotte Ellis.


Image © Vela

Charlotte was so kind to send me a bouquet as a congratulation gift when I was shortlisted for an Amara Interior Blog Award at the end of September. I struck it lucky as the blooms arrived just in time for my 30th birthday! 🙂

When I first found out about this company, I noticed that their brand was so strong and their online presence so looked after that I thought they hired someone to take care of their communication.
Then I discovered that Charlotte is ex-Marketing Director at the leading branding agency BrandOpus. And all started to make sense.

Partnering with her aunt, Charlotte has developed the new generation florist, offering bouquets of the best quality seasonal flowers, and delivering them in special packaging that fits through the letterbox. On top of that, they offer bespoke online masterclass content.


Image © Vela

In 2015 Charlotte realised that ordering flowers from a florist website was really frustrating, having to pick from hundreds of choices and to stay home waiting for the delivery. So she started wondering how to offer beautiful blooms, simply delivered. And the concept behind Vela was born.

How it works

On Vela’s website you can order in less than 30 seconds: their master florists create the bouquets picking the very best of what is in season and the client doesn’t have to make confusing choices.


Image © Vela

Then they carefully pack the blooms in the innovative packaging, designed to be delivered through the letterbox the very next day, so there isn’t need to stay in to sign for delivery.


Image © Vela

And here it comes the best part: they also help you to style the bouquet and to take care of the blooms so that they last longer than the average bouquet. This is done through their blog, which is an occasion to share bespoke online content such us styling tips and how-to videos.


Image © Vela

No need to say it, flowers bring new life into a room and in fact are a must-go for all interior shootings, especially for home staging!


Image © Vela


This is a shot of the lovely bouquet that I received! Charlotte didn’t send any pink flowers… She must have got a sense of my taste from my website, which is something that I really appreciated! Despite my poor photography skills, I decided to share this pictures to show you how beautiful the blooms are. I still can’t believe they came in such a flat box!

A little gift for you

Whether you’d like to try the subscription or just fancy a single deliver experience, you are in the right place! My UK readers get a special discount: head to Vela website and get 15% off your first order. Just enter voucher code HelloVela at check out to redeem!


Image © Vela

In a nutshell

I find the story of Lynn and Charlotte very inspiring. Working with them it’s really nice! Despite the service being online, you can feel how much these two women are passionate about what they do. Charlotte is great at reaching you to your email or letterbox in a spontaneous way, as if you would meet her at a flower market.

In my opinion this is the best achievement that online services can aspire to do. And I aim to get this result in my e-design services as well.



I am Martina, an Italian designer based in London. I spend most of my time designing interiors or writing about it. I also love travelling. You may find me walking around the East End of London, drinking coffee and stopping at every single bookshop I bump into.

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