The Decorative Antiques & Textile Fair

00_Vintage Bold Lounge

If there’s something I really like about London is that you can constantly find all sorts of Design Events. Design Weeks (Yes, plural. They have “many”) and fairs are always out there.
At the end of April this year, there was The Decorative Antiques & Textile Fair. Me and my colleague Ida were allowed to leave work early and spend the afternoon there (obviously we accepted the offer without arguing!) so we had the occasion to see some stands of the most important Antique Shops in the city; and it is unbelievable how many they are! Furniture was really nice, there were loads of mid-century pieces in great conditions. Obviously they look a bit too much when they are all under the same roof but they are perfect if you are looking for a centerpiece to be mixed with modern elements, creating your unique style.
It is also plenty of knick-knacks and tacky stuff but that’s part of the fun! If you are scared that you’d be lost in the clutter, just try to go with a friend or a designer to ask for a piece of advice, I’m sure you will find something that would give your home the creative twist you are looking for.
For those of you who will be in London, their next fair is expected to be from the 27th of September till the 2nd of October as you can read on their website by clicking here. I hope you won’t miss it!
I’ll leave you guys with the pictures of the objects which grabbed my interest, just to show you a bit of what you could find. Is there anything you already like?

01_Chinese Panels

02_Chinese Silk Panels

03_Coloured Glass Pendants

04_Geometrical Artwork

05_Glass Industrial Pendants

06_Mid Century Cupboard

07_Yellow Armchair - Leather Details

08_Mid Century Lounge

09_Minimal Coffee Table - Stone top - Brass Details

10_Mouse Artwork

11_PoolPottery Freeform Vase

12_Vintage Brass Chandelier

13_Vintage Brass Pendants

14_Vintage Pendant



I am Martina, an Italian designer based in London. I spend most of my time designing interiors or writing about it. I also love travelling. You may find me walking around the East End of London, drinking coffee and stopping at every single bookshop I bump into.

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