The Quirks Of Being A Designer

Fuorisalone 2015

That’s me very excited for decorating the doll’s house at Milan Fuorisalone in Lambrate, 2015

A designer is a human being who, every time there is a logic, aesthetic or spatial issue, can’t stand the idea of leaving it unresolved. No matter ages, studies or work experiences, you can see that he is a designer because every time he goes out of home, he stares at the ugly building in front of him with disappointment. And if the seats in the Tube are dated he will never enjoy his journey until they’ll be reupholstered (but he will also suggest to recycle the old fabric, in order to make the whole process sustainable). It doesn’t matter if your conversation is brilliant or not, he will anyway be attracted by the astonishing light fittings in the restaurant you are sitting in or the interesting construction details of the bridge you are walking on together (very romantic, isn’t it?).

I’m sure that lots of you had to deal with this individuals at least once in life (or, even worse, you would have realised to be one of them… uhm… us); if you were so crazy to became friend of a designer you’d have already understood that we are not aliens… We just want to move your living room’s pieces of furniture around because we really believe that this would make a difference in your life. And if we measure ourselves is not to check the silhouette; we want to find out the perfect dimensions for the ergonomic chair we have in mind!

We are basically very simple: give us some sheets of paper and a pencil and we think we will help the world! It doesn’t matter if that eventually doesn’t happen; we’ll keep trying.

And if you are really our friend, you’ll watch us walking along the street because, always looking around, we also tend to crash into power poles!


I am Martina, an Italian designer based in London. I spend most of my time designing interiors or writing about it. I also love travelling. You may find me walking around the East End of London, drinking coffee and stopping at every single bookshop I bump into.

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